Friday, November 27, 2009

First Video-Video

I bought myself a (cheap) camcorder this morning at 5am! It came with software to do video/music/videos. . . I'm excited to try it out. My first one:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I love this! (and thanks, Krista for posting it - I always seem to forget to look for new videos on there!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

November thus far. . .

These pics are in no particular order - in fact - they are in backwards-no-particular order. :) Maybe one day, I'll insert them into the text at the appropriate times, but for now, I'm just glad they're uploaded.

First, we have . . .Tyler and Annabelle (Cathy and Jason's youngest)

Then Cathy, Brianna, and I

Tyler and Annabelle again

The Mount Oquirrh Temple (IN CATHY's NEIGHBORHOOD!)

Pensive Tyler

Salt Lake Temple at night

Lance and I

In the SNOW!


Tyler and I on Temple Square

Poster from the Memorial at Banfield

My siblings and I and mom

My gorgeous sister-in-law, Lucero and Sebastian

Tyler, looking fabulous, in downtown Portland

This has been the most hectic, difficult, sad, exciting, dynamic month I can ever remember.
On Tuesday, November 3, we found out that my brother, Sean, had not been to work Monday or Tuesday without calling in. Efforts to have the police break in to his apartment were unsuccessful, so on Wednesday morning, dad, Tyler, and I decided to fly to Portland to do it ourselves. Upon arrival, we were notified that law enforcement had broken in to his apartment and found him dead. From there began probably the busiest, hardest, most sleepless 4 days of my life. I am SO grateful that Tyler was there with us - to help mentally, physically, and for me, most of all - emotionally.
Thursday was spent cleaning out Sean's apartment, renting a storage unit, and handling initial plans for services in Jesup.
Friday was spent finishing up the apartment, beginning to handle legal issues, finding his car, handling his cats, and attending a memorial service held at his place of employment (they were amazing).
Saturday, we flew home - Tyler to his, dad and I to Jesup - with 2 cats! on three flights. Whew.
Sunday was the funeral. I saw all of my siblings + their families for the first time in years.
Monday, I went back to work -
Tuesday - I went to work and ended up helping Mrs. Taylor at the HS for many hours that evening/night - which was probably a good distraction for me.
Wednesday - I went to work. Then came home and started to pack.
Thursday - I went to work, but left to go to the Dr. and found out that I had bronchitus, went home and slept for several hours, then got on a plane to meet Tyler in SLC - for a trip we had already planned.
Friday - we went to a trade show (The Salt Lake Family Holiday Gift Show in Sandy) to purchase stuff for Tyler's shop. Then, met some friends of his for dinner.
Saturday - we did the Temple Square stuff. It SNOWED! Then met Lance for late lunch/dinner, then shopped some, then hung out.
Sunday - we went to church in the JSMemorial building, then had lunch at CATHY's! then met back up with his friends, hung out, went to a Linger Later at their ward, then back to their apt to chat. THEN had to find a FedEx that was open at 11pm on a Sunday! We did it and shipped his purchases to his shop.
Monday - we flew home to our respective homes.