Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's been a very busy week!
Wednesday, a non-training day, I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes.
Thursday, I was on Hutchinson Island and in Savannah all day at the Georgia Music Educators Association's convention. I didn't get home til late, and did not get in a deliberate exercise session, BUT I am counting the time that was spent in a session on movement and music - - where I did, in fact, get up and do the choreography suggested.
Friday - whew. . .saw close to 300 kids in my room throughout Friday, got home, too a much needed nap, got up, showered and readied and helped at the Air Force Reserve Band's concert at the HS. Got home around 11, and tried to talk myself into at least riding the bike, but didn't happen. My first no exercise day since the new year - - -closest thing I could count was chasing Anne Claire around the stage, band room, hallways, and tech room - in addition to catching her 3-yr old self as she leaped off the stage repeatedly.
TODAY! Finally talked myself (Tyler helped) into getting out there to do W4D2. I was in a mood again, and wanted to find a semi-private location. Tried the track. NOPE. Went to Bill Morris park - - and thankfully ended up finding their track through the woods. Whoo-hoo. It wasn't horrible. Still very hard, but I did it. (YAY!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

W4D1 take 2, and such

Last night was my second attempt at w4d1, and I made it thru! I cheated a tiny bit - holding onto the sides of the treadmill every so often during the last two runs, but it is SOOoooo much better than I ever could've done a month ago, that I am celebrating the fact that I finished the durn training day!

I could barely walk afterwards.

But. I did it.

Eating is still going pretty well. I did order out today (usually just happens on Fridays at school), but I did not go overboard or order anything "bad".

Still have had no fast food since. . .around Christmas, but I call it since the New Year, and no soda since The New Year! I'm not sure I've made it this long before.

For fun: when I notice a kid wearing a music-themed shirt at school, I sometimes take a pic on my bb. Here's a few. . .that I could find easily. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

catching up

Friday: Walked with pals at the track. Then later, at home, I rode the exercise bike and worked with the stability ball.
Saturday: Got up and took the dog for a walk - big block - 1.3 miles.
Sunday: After church, I tried to take a nap - got woken up, decided to give up, get dressed and go do W4D1. Didn't work out very well. I got through the 3min run, the 5 min run, the next 3 min run, and gave up during the last 5 min run. I felt way defeated! I laid down, on the ground, and had a little pity party. My chosen location didn't really help the emotional situation. I had decided to train at the cemetary. Anyway. . .came home, talked to my (former) sister-in-law, we both cried and counseled and that was draining - but in a good way.
Monday: rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes and worked with the stability ball.
NOW: trying to get myself pumped to try W4D1 again tonight! I know I should still be upbeat - and pat myself on the back for running a combined 11 minutes - which is SOOooooo much better than I was able to do a month ago! But - like I said last week - I knew my emotions were going to get worse before they got better. Hopefully this will pass really soon!

And now. . .a couple pics of JACOB!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Did training in Placid Acres (my neighborhood) tonight. My first time running here. Had to psych myself up for it a bit. A couple of cars passed me, but no big deals. Choco started with me, but took some different path at some point, so I worried fleetingly about his safety, but thankfully he made it home safe, so no worries.

Week 4 starts on Sunday!

Tomorrow, pals from church and I are scheduled to go back to the track. Saturday is a friend's birthday party, which I am making a cake for, so I'm gonna try to be super strong and not sample any of it while I'm making it and not eat much at the party.


I woke up early this morning, with the intention to go do my w3d3 training right here in the neighborhood before getting ready for school. It was hard to get myself out of bed, and when I finally did (with enough time, still). . .I heard it: RAIN! BOOOOoooo! So. I don't know when/where I will get today's running done. Maybe I can convince Jess to take me back to the gym. . . (her husband's work - I can't go alone).
  But SOME good news: I am today. Right now. Wearing some pants from Aeropostale that I purchased last April, and was not able to wear, but didn't want to return them. So. I am finally able to wear them. I wouldn't say they are quite a perfect fit (yet). But - they do fit. My first pair of Aeropostale pants ever. Not that that really matters, but it's still significant to me.

  Now. To go to school and not lose my mind!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walking with Pals

Tonight Jessica, Stephanie, Lila, and I hit the track at the high school. We walked and talked (and randomly yelled at kids) for about 40 minutes. I was not in the best of moods, and was occasionally responding to . . .perplexing text messages from a pal/friend/best friend/confusing male relationship/. How DO we deal with hormones+exercise/diet plans? Please fill me in fast, cuz it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Did my training on a treadmill tonight (for the first time).
Likes about it:
Could close my eyes from time to time to pep talk/pray even though I was in a room with other people
Kept track of my distance without me having to just kinda guess/figure how far I had gone
Could talk to Jess while I was in my walks

Dislikes about it:
It was kinda hot in there
obviously couldn't as easily adjust my pace based on my needs right away.
constantly checking the time/distance. . .not sure if that made it better or worse
There were other people there. The whole time. . . .which I guess is positive, each step of this is getting me over caring what other people think.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Walk today!

I walked for 1.5 hours this morning! I didn't plan on that, but I'm very glad I did. Jacob left with a friend to go to a birthday party in Savannah at about 8, then I headed to the track. I walked around it 7 times, wanted to keep going, but didn't want to be bored, so I left the track, and walked to the Greenway. . .walked thru the Greenway, and then walked down E. Bay, cut over to Orange, crossed 1st Street, turned and then went down the dirt alleys to the back of my parents' house!

Then, had mom give me a ride back to my car. :)

And I know it seems like I'm posting lots of pics of myself, but I want to have a clear record of viewable progress. . .though I'm not up to full-body pics just yet on here. :) My eyes look kinda spacey - I was looking into the sun, but here's a pic right after I got back.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


There were people there again! Grrr! But. . .I kept running when it was time to run despite them. YAY! I love that I'm doing it. Now. Naptime.

Going into Week 3!

Today was my dad's birthday. We went out to eat. I was extremely proud of myself: didn't eat any of the bread, none of the mozzarella sticks, and didn't even have any of his b'day cake!

Tonight I rode the stationary bike for 40 minutes. It was rainy and yucky outside. Hopefully, tomorrow the weather will be supportive of my Week 3 Day 1 "run".

Thursday, January 14, 2010

C25K W2D3

I was kinda ridiculous.

I am still very self-conscious about anybody seeing my attempts at running. Before today, this had not really been an issue, because I lucked out and no one else was at the Greenway when I went. Well - today, after school I was very tired, so I came home and took a nap. When I woke up, I changed and headed to town. I decided to go by the track at the HS, just to see if anyone was there. Lots of cars. . .several people gearing up to hit it. MAN! why do other people have to be trying to take care of themselves? :)

SO - I headed for the Greenway. 2 cars were there when I got there. BOO! So I kinda waited for a few minutes to see if their drivers would come out and leave. Nope. So. I started thinking.

Hmmmmm. . . I had heard/been reminded about the track at Bill Morris Park. I drove there. MORE people there. Then I drove down to the soccer fields, BUT - there was a road block set up, so I couldn't go there. I was brainstorming more places, when I decided:
1)I'm being ridiculous
2)maybe the people at the Greenway are gone by now.

Went back to the Greenway. One car still there. I sat for just a minute, put in my earbuds, started the Week 2 podcast, and started walking. I passed the owner of the car during my second "run" and yes, I cheated a bit and walked for the 10 seconds or so that he was in my field of vision. I'll get over it soon, I promise. (I hope). I finished the training. . . it was hard, but doable.

Came home, ate, watched "Pretty Woman" for the first time ever. Started realizing a possible reason I hadn't watched any romantic comedies in awhile. (Hopeful/depressing). Read scriptures/prayed with Jacob, watched "Private Practice." Now. Bed.

YAY for Friday! And it's a 3-day weekend! Sweet!

Sunday will start week 3! This will entail:
5 minute warm-up walk
90 seconds run
90 seconds walk
3 minute run
3 walk
90 seconds run
90 seconds walk
3 minute run
3 minute walk
(5 minute cool-down)

I'm 1/2 excited about it, because recently. . .even though the running still burns badly, I'm feeling like I could keep going when the voice over tells me it's time to start. I know the 3 minutes will be hard, but I'm feeling confident about it.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

C25K W2D2

Today was another "running" day! Whoo-hoo!
And another long day!
Was tired after school today, and did NOT feeling like getting out there and doing W2D2, but i did, and I'm very glad I did. It was still really hard, but not AS hard, and that's the point/goal. I'm excited to still be doing it, and looking forward to being able to do the "harder" weeks in the future.

And. . .still haven't had ANY fast food. (Ok. I had a salad from Zaxby's. Grilled. No toast. Lite Ranch. Still at least 600-700 calories less than I would have gotten a month ago). I haven't had ANY soda. (Accidentally grabbed Jess's pepsi in the car last night -it was dark- and when that carbonation hit my mouth WHEW! All I can compare it to are the times I've accidentally sipped a tea! And I still swear I didn't backwash! I didn't swallow! I promise.) Anyway - and haven't missed a day with 30 minutes exercise. Also have read scriptures/prayed with Jacob each night. And I just need to finish the rest of my conference talk for today! 12 days is a lot!

Jessica highlighted and trimmed my hair tonight, and I was going to post a pic, but the camera+night+long day isn't really working out too well.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

C25K W2D1

Last night, I ended up staying inside and did various things on Wii Fit for 30 minutes.

After church today, I changed clothes and headed to the Greenway to do W2D1. It was almost as hard as week 1 day 1 was for me. . . except it got done a lot quicker - fewer/longer intervals, but even so. . .when the voice over said that it was the last run, I was very shocked. I could've sworn I had 2 or 3 more. That was reassuring. It was very hard though! Choco insisted on going with me, and did pretty well staying right with me. (He peed a LOT!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ahhh. . .much better. . .

Yeah - so it was really hard to read the text before (for me, anyway) and I finally remembered how easy it was to change the font color. YAY!

Another busy busy day, today!

Just walked . . . lots of layers again!

Things are still going well. I can't decide whether to run another day of "week 1" tomorrow, or go on to week 2. . .or just walk again tomorrow and start week 2 on Sunday. Hmmmmmmm.

Conversation with 3-year old AC yesterday afternoon before I went to train:

AC: Why'd you change yours pants?

Me: I'm about to go to the greenway.

AC: Why?

Me: So I can go try to run.

AC: Why?

Me: So I can exercise.

AC: Why?

Me: So I can be healthy.

AC: Why?

Me: so I can be happy.

AC: Why?

Me: Because I like being happy.

{brief pause}

AC: Where are you going?

Me: To the greenway.

AC: Why?

Me: So I can exercise.

AC: Why?

. . .you get the picture, but each repetition ended with her being pretty satisfied with the final answer: "Because I like being happy." AND REALLY. That's why I'm trying to do this.

I like being happy. Not only that, but I deserve to be happy. So. I'm going to do things (as much as possible) that will help me be able to be so more often.

And so. Week 2. Here I come! (either tomorrow or Sunday, lol)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

C25K wk 1 -3rd "run" day

My "plan" for today didn't go exactly as planned, but almost everything got done, including my 3rd day of training! yay! It was mostly dark by the time I got going on that - - which was a tiny bit unnerving through the woods, but not too bad. It was still hard work, but not as excruciating as last time. YAY! Tomorrow is Friday!
And - just for fun, here's a pic of Natasha (our school's technology teacher and a fellow former WCHS Band member. . .) and I all bundled up to complete our early morning drop off/sidewalk duty. BOOO! :)

Plan for today!

Yay! it's my 200th post! whoo-hoo!

Anyway. Lots to do today. I'm a 3rd of the way done with my classes. Gotta finish them. Submit grades. Practice with the Beta Club inductees for their induction ceremony on Monday. Get Jacob to my parents to work on his PineWood Derby car for Friday's (tomorrow!!) race. Go to the High School. Judge mock-all-state auditions. Change clothes and go do w1d3 of C25K. Get Jacob. Go home. Dinner. Homework. Scriptures. Prayer. Bed.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

C25K Week 1 non-training day

I decided last night that I would get up at 5am to go walk around the "big block" (1.5miles) this morning. It's not a run/walk day. . .and/so I wanted to keep moving even though I wouldn't be running. I tried to go to bed "early", but I guess anxiety about 1. possibly not waking up early enough to go walk (thus letting myself down) and 2. going back to work/school today made it ridiculously hard to fall asleep! Then, once I did fall asleep, Jacob woke me up at 2:11am, telling me he was going to go ahead and get dressed for school. "No. Go back to sleep." I had some very odd dreams, including a very detailed one about Mrs. Flowers having her kids each write out by hand 30 copies of a chosen song to then make folders of songs with a CD to give to. . . who I initially thought was Mrs. Taylor (a kindergarten para, not to be confused with my Mrs. Taylor). . .which in my dream actually turned out to be someone else. . .anyway. . .lots of weirdness.
   So. When 5am came and my alarm went off, I immediately hit "snooze" - justifying that if I just slept a little longer, I'd still have time to get up, go walk, take a shower, get dressed, get Jacob up, go to school, do morning drop off duty, and be ready for kindergartners at 8:05am.
   BUT. Of course, my mind was still riled up, I felt like I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep ANYWAY, so. . .I got up. I put more layers on. Final attire: my g's, tights, sweats, ss tee, long s tee, light weight jacket, puffy jacket, knit hat, hood. YAY! My trusty companion (Choco) and I started walking at 5:13am. He was WAY excited to have me with him on his morning excursion (he's almost always gone alone. . .I know. . .bad idea. . .oh well.)
  Walked for 33 minutes.
  Came home. Jacob was awake and very distraught cuz he had woken up and not known where I was. I reminded him 1. "If you wake up and I'm not here, I went for a walk" and 2. "If you ever don't know where I am, use the phone and call me!"
  So. YAY! Now. Time for a shower and all the things I've got listed up there of things to do before 8:05. My breakfast, lunch, and snacks are packed to grab to take with me. (whoo-hoo for doing that last night.) I'm very optimistic at this point, in case you can't tell.
  I think I will do this early morning walk on my "off" days combined with some upper body resistance band after school, and do my "training" days at the greenway (or maybe sometimes the track) in the evenings after school. We'll see.
*btw, when I got home, I looked at the weather - 26, feels like 19. . .which I know for you northern/western peeps, is not that big of a deal, but for JESUP!. . .that's COLD!*

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

C25K day 2

I just got back from completing week 1 day 2 of the Couch to 5K running program. I had downloaded a podcast from here that has fast/fun music plus voice-over of when to warmup/walk/run/cooldown, etc. Thankfully, it played on my Blackberry. I prayed a WHOLE lot during it! I know I can do this. I want to do this. And thankfully, I was able to do this today. As of right this second, I'm not actually looking forward to doing it again on Thursday, but. . .I can. And I will. Then, again, on Saturday. it will switch up on Monday and have more running. Today for me, the running was actually much easier than it was on Sunday - which is of course, what's supposed to happen. I ran it VERY slowly, but I was running/jogging and wanted to be able to complete the entire program for the day, and I did, so I'm more than satisfied with the speed I went. The biggest accomplishment - I went. (Even after I had not been able to find my keys for the first 30 minutes I was ready to go! BOo!) My legs hurt very badly at the end, and the "brisk walking" for recovery was more like "somehow keep moving forward", but still.  I did it at the Greenway, and I think I will continue to do it there for awhile. #1 It's pretty 2. It's public, but at the same time secluded 3. Ok. so I only have 2 reasons for right now, but oh well. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Life Changes

There are several areas of my life that I want to change, and correlated the start of these changes with the New Year. I didn't really want to call them "resolutions" though. . .
-Read scriptures every day with Jacob
-Read a conference talk every morning
-Exercise at least 30 minutes a day
-learn how to run!
-run in at least 2 5k runs
-Pay off credit card debt
-Pay off blue aveo

I'm off to a fabulous start, and I'm determined to keep it up. YAY!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Jacob and I welcomed in the New Year Galaxy Bowling (or some other fancy name) with Tracy and her boys, Zach and Caleb. It was pretty cool, they had black lights, and big screens with live coverage from Times Square in New York. They also gave out prizes! And free drinks, and time in the arcade. . .it was pretty fun.

On the way there, I got pulled over. The cop gave me a long list of reasons he pulled me over, and asked, "Have you been drinking?" I wanted to laugh and just tell him, "No - - I'm just a bad driver!" But - I was able to tell him, "no. . .I've never had ANY alcohol in my life." Amongst the random questions he asked me (like, "is there a legal reason you were going 60 in a 40?" and "And why the U-turn in the middle of the road?") he told me to slow down and be careful. He didn't give me a ticket. (YAY!)

After bowling, we went in search of food. . . and ended up at the Huddle House here in Jesup.