Monday, December 22, 2008

To do before Wednesday!

Wednesday, Jacob, Mom, and me leave for Portland for seven days. There is A LOT I have to do before then. Thankfully, I finished up my assignments for that class I was in. . .hopefully I'll get a B. Ok. . .so I'm gonna make my list:
1. Make a list of what I need to take for us
2. Pack that stuff!
3. Purchase presents for: Sebastian/Sean/Lucero/J/T/Z/C/M/D/G
4. Clean Jacob's room REALLY well!
5. Clean my room REALLY well!
6. Work on my stuff in the garage
7. Grocery shop for Grandma
8. Take stuff to Goodwill/Recycling
9. Work on project for BE at school!!!!
10. Continue house-training Choco
11. sweep/mop kitchen/dining room
12. work on living room
13. Think about my "best friend" . . .
So. . .yeah. . .lots to do. . .there's probably more!

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