Saturday, January 3, 2009

"And baby Choco will be born in a land far far away"

So - a few minutes ago Jacob (who's in bed) was singing "Da-da-dee-dum- da-da dee da dum" (Disturbia by Rihanna) So. . .then I hear him switch to "Said Samuel, within five years, the night will be as day. . ." and right as I'm you know, filling with maternal pride about my 6 year old singing primary tunes (rather than Rihanna songs), I hear him continue, "And baby Choco will be born in a land far far away." :) Yeah. . .substituting in the name of the toy poodle instead of Jesus. He means no harm. LOL. :)

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Jennifer Rose said...

Hi! Don't you just love the blogging world? It's so nice to "see" how everyone is doing.. About the puzzles, I'm a little uneasy about selling them because I use the church pass-along cards to make them, so I'll just sell them to you for the cost of the wood and my time-$1.00 per puzzle. Does that sound ok? my email is