Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We're Home!

Jacob with Abe in Topeka, Kansas

Fair ride in Junction City, Kansas

My Favorite Capitol Building/lawn: AUSTIN, TEXAS!

Final stats from our road trip:

We were gone 17 nights. We stayed:
2 nights in Phenix City, Alabama
1 night in Jackson, Mississippi
1 night in Houston, Texas
3 nights in New Braunfels, Texas
1 night in Grand Prairie, Texas (outside of Dallas)
2 nights in Junction City, Kansas
2 nights in Kansas City, Missouri
1 night in St. Louis Missouri
2 nights in Louisville, Kentucky
2 nights in Duluth, Georgia (outside of Atlanta)

We saw 8 state capitol cities:
Montgomery, AL (saw capitol building)
Jackson, MS (went inside capitol building)
Baton Rouge, LA
Austin, TX (went inside capitol building)
Oklahoma City, OK (saw capitol building)
Nashville, TN (saw capitol building)
Topeka, KS (went inside capitol building)
Atlanta, GA (saw capitol building)

We saw 8 LDS Temples:
Baton Rouge
San Antonio
St. Louis
Oklahoma City

We drove through 11 states:
1. Georgia
2. Alabama
3. Mississippi
4. Louisiana
5. Oklahoma
6. Kansas
7. Missouri
8. Illinois
9. Indiana
10. Kentucky
11. Tennessee

We saw family and friends:
1. Crystal Garrison
2. Darlene Boynton
3. Lulu Eiland
4. The Dellalatas
5. The Zachresons
6. Tyler Vendrely
7. Kamara Adams
8. Chris Hatcher
9. Earl and Janet Mote
10. Robert/Susana Murphy and Fam
11. Amanda Nance and friends
12. Lucero/Sebastian and Fam

I drove @3892 miles!

We played puttputt golf, went bowling, went to the zoo, went to restaurants, walked around downtowns, went swimming, and went to Walmarts (in 9/11 states we visited!) :)We got invited to watch the House of Representatives convene in Mississippi (by a member of the house), we went to a small town fair in Kansas, we met the dog of Jacob's 1st cousins twice removed in Houston, Texas.

Most importantly, I found out that if I have Jacob, some clothes and toiletries, oh AND my Blackberry I can go and do anything! We were kept safe, we were happy, we never got lost for more than a few minutes. . . it was a great trip.

Jacob and his cousin, Nathaniel Murphy, in Louisville Kentucky

As we were heading back towards Georgia. . .FINALLY. . .we went through a bit of a bad storm, but as we came through the mountains near Chattanooga, Tennessee, we saw a piece of a rainbow. Cool. As we drove, it got clearer and clearer - and lasted for close to 2 hours!! it was almost 9:00 at NIGHT and I could still see a portion of the rainbow. While it was its clearest, I ended up pulling off the interstate and took this video:

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Sounds like a great trip I bet Jacob remembers that forever