Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Choose your identity"

I was just leaving a comment on a friend's blog and when I got to the part where i had to sign in, I thought the instruction, "choose your identity" was somewhat funny: wow? who do I want to be? Hmmm the options are endless! I guess I will be me.


I cannot believe it.

The kids at school were funny. Kids totally understand the birthday thing - and tell them it's your birthday and they will break out in song, hug you, try to give you things, and TRY (for like 20 seconds) to be "good." It was a CRAZY school day - off schedule because of collaborative teacher meetings, but it was still a pretty good birthday.

Facebook is fabulous for helping you to feel cared about you on your birthday. And emails are fabulous too. Received one or two unexpected birthday wishes - including calls from my brothers - Michael and Robert - and Robert's family, and even a nice email from my ex husband, who is currently deployed to Iraq.

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