Saturday, June 19, 2010


My parents are gone to Orlando for a couple days, and I was given the job of walking their chihuahua, Coco, who doesn't particularly trust me. A few pics from my job:
First you have Fluff, who is. . .well. .. very very fluffy - but still quite flexible, as you can see. She's very confusing, because on the one hand, she's quite anti-social, but if left alone for more than a few hours DEMANDS attention from whomever comes in the house.
 And then there's Jessi - who used to be Jacob's and My cat before we moved to Orange Street and then to Grandma's and then to Catfish Drive. Yeah - we move alot. So - she's just stayed here since 2007, I guess.
Oh and here's Coco - the dog that needs walking. You can see she is DYING to go with me. Yep. . . .
Very excited to go walking with Megan. I have to pick her up, carry her at least a block away from the house, and then she will walk, but once she can see the house, she takes off back to it. Whew. This morning, I drove her to the other side of Jesup Elementary - cuz I didn't want to carry her that far. So. We went in the field. I thought she'd mozy around a bit, do her business, and then we'd drive back to the house. Nope. She cut through by the lunchroom, headed up the sidewalk through the pick up line area, and ran back home. GREAT.

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