Sunday, May 31, 2009

2010 Outline for Sharing Time

Today, during Singing Time, Brother Broadhead walked in with a manila envelope. He comes back there often, so that was no big deal, but with an envelope. He sat next to me, and showed me what he had. . .

The Outline for 2010! Amazing. I love the church! It's not even June, and we have next year's theme, and let me tell you: this outline is so much more involved and thorough and user friendly than the past many years have been. Don't get me wrong, I looked forward to receiving those, too. But this one, I literally felt the spirit strongly as I looked through it, and just now as I read the instructions, I again felt it. And I don't usually talk like that. :)

For many years in the church, there has been a great deal of emphasis placed on teaching by the spirit, and using your own ideas, and I am by no means saying that I don't agree that it's great/best to do that, but it DOES help to have suggestions and ideas. This outline more fully combines both, in my opinion.

"This booklet provides complete lessons for some of the weeks in the year. Ideas, but not complete lessons, are included for the other weeks. Supplement those ideas with some of your own. (. . .) The Spirit can guide you as you plan and prepare activities for lessons." (Intellectual Reserve, 2009)

Rather than the past black/white type only in the outline, this booklet has color pictures, illustrations to help get the ideas across, and sections with help for the music leader for each month as well.

I'm excited! (and glad to be excited)

****Favorite quote of the day: While TJ (a friend) and Jacob were playing in the living room and I was fixing lunch in the kitchen, I overheard Jacob say:

"Next year, when we're both 8, we'll be baptized."

I know this is tiny, but represents so much more to me. I am so thankful that my son (at least for now. :) is looking forward to being baptized, knows how old you have to be to be baptized, and is including his friend in the excitement - but even more than that, that conversations like that are so easy/normal/everyday for him. That's just how it is. And I LOVE it.

Last week, we went and saw "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" with some friends. During part of it there are these I guess Roman soldiers. Upon seeing them on the screen, Jacob asks me, "What are those, . . .Lamanites?" LOVE IT!

I made some amazing pizza and cheese bread-sticks today. They ate it up!
Took Grandma to see my grandpa at the nursing home.


Simone said...

Hi Megan!!! Do you have an online version. I'd like to have it if you don't mind since it will take a long to get it here in Brazil. Thank you! If yes, please, e-mail me at:

thanks a lot

Charlotte said...

I love reading what my daughter wrote about loving the Primary materials for 2010 and the way the church supports us in teaching by the spirit. I've felt the spirit lots this year in seminary, and have had help in Primary and sacrament meeting also. I love your reports of Jacob's excitement over being baptized, his being able to share with T.J., of his seeing possible Lamanite soldiers in a movie showing ancient day soldiers. Thanks, Megan, for staying close to the church and being Seanworthy of receiving the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Charlotte said...

The "Seanworthy" was supposed to be just "worthy"

Belcher Brigade Blog said...

That's great to hear/see Jacob so excited