Saturday, May 16, 2009


Here are some pics of some of the cakes I've made over the years - either just for fun, or birthdays, or whatever. . .I haven't made any in months. . .

My 3 tiered cakes are quite small - originally got the idea from a Family Fun party idea for doing a little girl's "wedding cake" - the smallest tier is actually made right in a glass measuring cup!
These cupcakes were made for a friend that likes HSMusical - the pictures are actually cut-up Uno cards from a HSMusical Uno set - then I taped them to toothpicks. . .
This pic is a pic of a pic in a scrapbook and doesn't really do the "bed" cake justice - unfortunately it was my first attempt at a "fun" cake - and this is the only picture that was taken of it. :( It's a 9X13 cake cut in half then stacked. Two twinkies (the couple) are laying in bed. . .with sugar wafer heads. The "blanket" was frosted over them. The "bedskirt" was fruit by the foot. . .very fun! (For Heather's lingerie shower)
This was for Daisy's baptism (and her family)

Summer 2008 I visited Tyler - - and made this cake - apparently my attempt at assuring him that I was on board for his desire to run for Mayor in 2010.
The cake itself here was very simple, but funny story behind it. . . Tracy, Sam, and I had been driving around and got a flat tire at Burger King. The missionaries came and changed the tire for us. This cake was a reenactment of their chivalry. :)
This unicorn cake was for a fan of "Candy Mountain"

For some reason, one year I decided to make a St. Patrick's Day cake. Hmmm
My FIRST attempt at a tiered cake - before I knew about leveling. . .
My first (and really only) attempt at using Fondant. I really liked how it turned out, but it tasted like . . .not good. . .and got a little bit of red in the neck area.
This was one of those cakes where I had no plan going into it. . .and just did it. . .I thought it turned out kinda interestingly. . .
I really like the concept of this cake. . .for Zach's 8th birthday and baptism. . .the words are from a primary song: "I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain." I think I could have done better, but I still liked it.
Heather's bridal shower cake - I like how it turned out a lot. Lol I still remember Crystal unwrapping the kisses on the way there as a last minute idea-addition to the base of the cake. I really like using something to go around the bottom to help hide any frosting issues.
One of the few character cakes I've done - Ninja Turtle for Jacob's 5th.


Kitten Muffin said...

Wow lady! You've been busy! That's a lotta cakes there! Very cool indeed! I love the idea of making a miniture three tiered cake.

Anonymous said...

I love your different cakes, it keeps life interesting!