Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, I haven't really been keeping up with all aspects of the 21 day challenge, but I have been looking at each day's quote and of the things that I had in mind that I wanted to focus on, I really have made progress on them.

And - I think I can honestly say I had "flaming enthusiasm" at school today. And shockingly - I was most enthusiastic during the last class of the day; the class that usually drags on forever, and I'm just trying to make the time pass. Well, oh my goodness. Today, I decided to "play" with them. And boy did I join in and play. And we all had fun! Yes, they thought I was ridiculous, but that was the point. They were doing the "Cha-Cha Slide" and I got up and joined with them - for the whole thing! Even though my legs were killing me - - as they have been ever since I woke up this morning, after doing the "Aerobics A-Z" with Kindergarten/First Grade yesterday, along with the. . ."move and count to whatever" song (lol - I don't remember the title of it - but you do various movements a certain number of times following the directions of the singer/voice.) Wow. Then - cuz we had fun doing that, and because it felt GOOD that my legs hurt from exercise, I put on "Hoe Down Throwdown" and did that with them, too. My hair got all messed up, and my legs were KILLING ME, but the time passed shockingly fast.

After school, I went and bought a bike. Jacob has really gotten into riding his bike, and he does it everyday. Occaissionally, we've gone around the bike with him and his friend riding their bikes, and me walking, but. . .I wanted to join in! Plus, my pal Jessica had bought a bike about a year ago, but she wasn't having much success being motivated to ride by herself. Well - -so. . I got a bike. As soon as we got home, Jacob and I rode around the block. (We live in an awesome enclosed neighborhood) Then we went to scouts, then I had a Primary Presidency meeting, and after that, Jessica and I rode around the block sans children. It was amazing. And painful. :) It was already dark, and the riding created a little bit of a breeze, and we just chatted and rode twice around "the big block."

I SOOOO hope we can keep it up!
Tomorrow we've got our kids' soccer practice and her husband won't be home. . .but we're gonna ride Friday night again.

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