Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day of school.

School started back today - - with kids, I mean. It overall went really well - - considering it was a first day of school! The morning was amazingly-stress-free!!! The afternoon made me start to have feelings of self-doubt, but pushed through it and am determined to plan more engaging, hands-on, activities for the kids for tomorrow!! I think my classroom looks good. . . I am committed to incorporating lots of reading instruction into my music instruction. . . so far so good with what I did today - recognizing narrative elements (plot, characters, setting) of a song. The picture on the right is me and my friend/parapro, Saundra. We were together the year before last during my second year teaching self-contained SPED.
This past week has been very thought-provoking, a little confusing, but overall very good. Saturday evening proved rather . . .um. . .surprising as I was informed of thought processes from a friend that I was not aware existed. This was awesome. . .but leaves me wondering what am i supposed to do with that information???

I have also realized this week that I don't have to be messy. Crazy, huh? So - - little by little I've been working on cleaning up my house - - starting with my room. . .and with more resolve to just keep it clean, rather than telling myself and others, "Oh, well; I'm just messy"

Must make Jacob some food. . .

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