Saturday, August 16, 2008

Journey to a happier ME!

Sooooo. This post is a little awkward for me, but recently I have been really working on my self-image. The picture on the left is of me three years ago; the pic on the right was taken yesterday. I have done lots myself, and also accepted and even welcomed suggestions and advice from friends. I also love watching shows like "What Not To Wear" and "How to Look Good Naked" - where the hosts constantly tell the people on the show to love their bodies as they are. I am beginning to learn and accept and embrace the fact that it's not about size - but confidence, fit of clothes, and so forth. For me, this is remarkable - not only for me to realize, but also to be willing to post!

So far, so good. I have taken an abundance of pictures, and am becoming more and more satisfied with what I see - which encourages me to proceed. What's also amazing, is that the more I work on this, the more I know that it's not about appearance. . .it's about learning how to feel positive about myself on the inside (cliche, I know) - and being willing and happy to show that feeling on the outside. Before - I hid. I did not want people to think that I tried to look good. . .so most often, I did not (try or succeed). I did not want compliments on my appearance, because I felt that they were not sincere - because I did not believe that I was deserving of that. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I'm beyond that. . .and welcome all compliments. LOL! :)

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