Friday, August 29, 2008

Nice-ness from today. :)

So - I've not been feeling well this week. Today was no different - and for part of the day I could barely breathe! Jacob went home sick around lunch time (Grandma took him home). I stayed the whole day. Anyway - so, tonight I was reflecting on what a good day I actually had, despite my "under-the-weather-ness." Here's the things I remember that helped me have a "Bright Happy Day":
1. Saundra told me that she had bragged about me to her pastor at church - they were talking about 1 Corinthians 13, and she told him about the stories I share about things I've done with Jacob - showing love to him, and that she told the pastor that even though I am younger than her, she listens to me, and sees me as an example in these things. I almost started to cry. There _are_ things that I am super proud of myself for doing with Jacob to show him my love, and I wish I could be more full of love more often.
2. I had the children do an activity I read about on-line (see the video below). It's similar to musical chairs, but nobody gets out. Each chair has a paper, and each kid has a marker. When the music starts, the children walk around the chairs. When it stops, they draw on the paper they are at. They were allowed to draw anything at all. Several children from several different classes wrote things on their papers like, "I love Ms. Hatcher." This makes me feel good, of course.
Ok - it seems like I had thought of other things, but . . ..hmmmmmm. . .can't anymore. Lol. :)
Oh - I remember another one.
3. I ate lunch with JD and LH. LH has a daughter in 3rd grade and talked about how much she liked music, and how much more excited the kids were to go to music now that I am the music teacher compared to in the past. :)

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