Thursday, September 11, 2008

TGI almost F

5:30 - Alarm went off/Hit snooze
5:40 - Alarm went off/Hit snooze
5:42 - Got out of bed. Canceled snooze.
- Bathed/Dressed/checked email/ate

6:26 - Picked out Jacob's clothes, woke him up, encouraged morning routine (dress/eat/etc)
7:15 - Headed to school - got Jacob there as his bus was leaving. Flagged down bus driver and successfully got him on the bus.

7:20-8:10 - planned/got stuff ready/confirmed that I would be alone this morning.
8:10-9:05 - Class 1 whew. Realized I was in an awful mood.
9:05-10:05 - Class 2 Struggled through awful mood. Took some Exedrin Tension Headache.

10:10-11:05 - Class 3 Vented to parapro there with special needs students. "My" parapro was released to come to my room about 5 minutes before this class ended.
11:07 - drove to my house to check the mail - hoping for student loan refund. NOPE. Called GCU. Found out they plan to mail checks September 15. GRRRRrrrr.
11:10 - back at school. Called dad. Ate left over enchiladas/chips from last night. Played/talked with MC, DD, and SH.
11:45-12:40 Class 4. Went well.
12:45-1:40 Class 5. Better.
1:45-2:40 Class 6 - Not great. Whew. Thank goodness I took the Exedrine! :)
2:40-2:53ish - babysat "2nd wave" bus riders in the gym. Had to hold them because of potential rainy day schedule.
2:55 - Got Jacob from the bus. Thankfully he had a "great" day and was able to get his YoYo.

3-4pm - listened to/sympathized with/vented to DD
4-6pm - went home. found out my water had been turned off because I'm ummmm. . .uhhhh. . .(trying not to say anything too negative). . . I didn't pay the bill. Went and paid the bill. Neighborhood kid/student showed up at the house. Jacob played with him until it was time to leave for curriculum night. MB called while I was on the way there. Talked to him until I was walking in.
6-7pm- Sat/listened in Jacob's classroom at curriculum night.
7-10pm - went to walmart to buy small treats for students tomorrow - their last day in music until after christmas/did laundry/made beds/wrote in BOM to give to MC at school tomorrow/helped Jacob do homework/assisted Jacob as needed with his bath/encouraged night time routine/got him to sleep/ate a bowl of cereal/dumped day into blog. YAY!!!!

WHEW. :) Now I'm ready for a fresh Friday!!! YAY!!!! I am bound and determined to have an extraordinary day tomorrow. And I even already have a babysitter lined up. WOW. That's extremely abnormal for me!!!! Tracy and I are going to hit the town. Not our town, I'm sure - -but some town! Yay!

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