Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yay for me. :)

So - I gave MC the BOM this morning. . .it didn't go quite how I planned, but that's ok. I had wrapped it up - - so that I could give it to her as a "gift" and have her open it "later" - but when she saw that it was a book, she was like, "Is it a journal." "no." "can I open it now?" "no." . . . "is this a Mormon book?" "(smiling/like a kid being shy)yes." She said something similar to, "I can't wait to take this with me to my church on Sunday!" I said, "Don't be making fun of me and my church to your church." She assured me that they "don't do that. ever."
BUT - I am super proud of myself. I don't know that I have ever done that before. (SAD, huh?) So - I'm excited to go to PMG class in the morning and report of my following through-ness. Also - I am supposed to be feeding the missionaries, my parents and an investigating family tomorrow evening. . .which means= I MUST CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!!
Tonight, Tracy and I went to Hinesville to eat, then rented "Baby Mama," and watched most of it with Sam. I didn't see the end, because I felt I needed to get my child and go on home. So. I did. I will finish the movie later. (Hopefully tomorrow!)
Good Night!

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