Tuesday, January 12, 2010

C25K W2D2

Today was another "running" day! Whoo-hoo!
And another long day!
Was tired after school today, and did NOT feeling like getting out there and doing W2D2, but i did, and I'm very glad I did. It was still really hard, but not AS hard, and that's the point/goal. I'm excited to still be doing it, and looking forward to being able to do the "harder" weeks in the future.

And. . .still haven't had ANY fast food. (Ok. I had a salad from Zaxby's. Grilled. No toast. Lite Ranch. Still at least 600-700 calories less than I would have gotten a month ago). I haven't had ANY soda. (Accidentally grabbed Jess's pepsi in the car last night -it was dark- and when that carbonation hit my mouth WHEW! All I can compare it to are the times I've accidentally sipped a tea! And I still swear I didn't backwash! I didn't swallow! I promise.) Anyway - and haven't missed a day with 30 minutes exercise. Also have read scriptures/prayed with Jacob each night. And I just need to finish the rest of my conference talk for today! 12 days is a lot!

Jessica highlighted and trimmed my hair tonight, and I was going to post a pic, but the camera+night+long day isn't really working out too well.


Momma Twitch said...

YAY! Keep posting about your progress, I love hearing how well you're doing!!

Megan said...

Thanks! I will!