Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's been a very busy week!
Wednesday, a non-training day, I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes.
Thursday, I was on Hutchinson Island and in Savannah all day at the Georgia Music Educators Association's convention. I didn't get home til late, and did not get in a deliberate exercise session, BUT I am counting the time that was spent in a session on movement and music - - where I did, in fact, get up and do the choreography suggested.
Friday - whew. . .saw close to 300 kids in my room throughout Friday, got home, too a much needed nap, got up, showered and readied and helped at the Air Force Reserve Band's concert at the HS. Got home around 11, and tried to talk myself into at least riding the bike, but didn't happen. My first no exercise day since the new year - - -closest thing I could count was chasing Anne Claire around the stage, band room, hallways, and tech room - in addition to catching her 3-yr old self as she leaped off the stage repeatedly.
TODAY! Finally talked myself (Tyler helped) into getting out there to do W4D2. I was in a mood again, and wanted to find a semi-private location. Tried the track. NOPE. Went to Bill Morris park - - and thankfully ended up finding their track through the woods. Whoo-hoo. It wasn't horrible. Still very hard, but I did it. (YAY!)

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Momma Twitch said...

Good job!! I'm glad you got out there and did it. You're doing great!