Monday, January 18, 2010

Walk today!

I walked for 1.5 hours this morning! I didn't plan on that, but I'm very glad I did. Jacob left with a friend to go to a birthday party in Savannah at about 8, then I headed to the track. I walked around it 7 times, wanted to keep going, but didn't want to be bored, so I left the track, and walked to the Greenway. . .walked thru the Greenway, and then walked down E. Bay, cut over to Orange, crossed 1st Street, turned and then went down the dirt alleys to the back of my parents' house!

Then, had mom give me a ride back to my car. :)

And I know it seems like I'm posting lots of pics of myself, but I want to have a clear record of viewable progress. . .though I'm not up to full-body pics just yet on here. :) My eyes look kinda spacey - I was looking into the sun, but here's a pic right after I got back.