Friday, January 1, 2010


Jacob and I welcomed in the New Year Galaxy Bowling (or some other fancy name) with Tracy and her boys, Zach and Caleb. It was pretty cool, they had black lights, and big screens with live coverage from Times Square in New York. They also gave out prizes! And free drinks, and time in the arcade. . .it was pretty fun.

On the way there, I got pulled over. The cop gave me a long list of reasons he pulled me over, and asked, "Have you been drinking?" I wanted to laugh and just tell him, "No - - I'm just a bad driver!" But - I was able to tell him, "no. . .I've never had ANY alcohol in my life." Amongst the random questions he asked me (like, "is there a legal reason you were going 60 in a 40?" and "And why the U-turn in the middle of the road?") he told me to slow down and be careful. He didn't give me a ticket. (YAY!)

After bowling, we went in search of food. . . and ended up at the Huddle House here in Jesup.


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