Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Did my training on a treadmill tonight (for the first time).
Likes about it:
Could close my eyes from time to time to pep talk/pray even though I was in a room with other people
Kept track of my distance without me having to just kinda guess/figure how far I had gone
Could talk to Jess while I was in my walks

Dislikes about it:
It was kinda hot in there
obviously couldn't as easily adjust my pace based on my needs right away.
constantly checking the time/distance. . .not sure if that made it better or worse
There were other people there. The whole time. . . .which I guess is positive, each step of this is getting me over caring what other people think.

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Momma Twitch said...

Good job! You can always cover the display with a towel so you aren't constantly looking at it. It helps some. :)