Wednesday, January 27, 2010

W4D1 take 2, and such

Last night was my second attempt at w4d1, and I made it thru! I cheated a tiny bit - holding onto the sides of the treadmill every so often during the last two runs, but it is SOOoooo much better than I ever could've done a month ago, that I am celebrating the fact that I finished the durn training day!

I could barely walk afterwards.

But. I did it.

Eating is still going pretty well. I did order out today (usually just happens on Fridays at school), but I did not go overboard or order anything "bad".

Still have had no fast food since. . .around Christmas, but I call it since the New Year, and no soda since The New Year! I'm not sure I've made it this long before.

For fun: when I notice a kid wearing a music-themed shirt at school, I sometimes take a pic on my bb. Here's a few. . .that I could find easily. :)

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Momma Twitch said...

AWESOME! Hey, I hold onto the sides sometimes too. :)