Thursday, January 21, 2010


I woke up early this morning, with the intention to go do my w3d3 training right here in the neighborhood before getting ready for school. It was hard to get myself out of bed, and when I finally did (with enough time, still). . .I heard it: RAIN! BOOOOoooo! So. I don't know when/where I will get today's running done. Maybe I can convince Jess to take me back to the gym. . . (her husband's work - I can't go alone).
  But SOME good news: I am today. Right now. Wearing some pants from Aeropostale that I purchased last April, and was not able to wear, but didn't want to return them. So. I am finally able to wear them. I wouldn't say they are quite a perfect fit (yet). But - they do fit. My first pair of Aeropostale pants ever. Not that that really matters, but it's still significant to me.

  Now. To go to school and not lose my mind!

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